Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Autumn Thematic Unit

Since the teachers and students have been back from holiday this week, the school has been buzzing with lots of work focused on their thematic unit: Autumn.

Students have been busy creating beautiful artwork that represent autumn like days in Switzerland.

In the playgroup, they created a picture that included a tree with grass and leaves falling, and fog in the background. Quite appropriate since we are experiencing lots of fog in the mornings and will continue into the month of November. They have been singing songs, reading poems, and reading books that deal with autumn as well as focusing on the autumn colors such as brown, yellow, orange, and green. They have also been working on the following words of the week: apple, crunch, munch, tree, apple pie, and leaves which are all associated sounds and sights in the autumn month.

In the preschool, students have created an autumn tree as well. They have spent time cutting out a tree and pasting it on the paper and adding leaves all around it.

In the kindergarten class, their artwork has been focused on Halloween where they have spooky spiders and ghosts to their picture. Later this week, they will be baking apple pies. The best part will be eating the apple pies they spent time making and baking. More pictures to follow on Friday.

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