Monday, November 2, 2009

Preschool Pumpkins and Phonics

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This week the preschoolers have been busy working on phonics, with this week's focus on the capital "P" and lower case "p" with Mr. Frog. Their weekly vocabulary all started with the letter "P" and fit into the Autumn Harvest theme. The vocabulary words were pumpkin, pumpkin seeds (which we ate), pine cone, pasta and pig.

They also continued their work on learning opposites such as heavy/light and big/small.

Since this was Halloween week, they worked on several crafts centered around this theme. They painted an orange pumpkin on a paper plate. They glued triangle shapes for the eyes and nose, created a scary mouth, a steam and a leaf. All of these fall under improving their hand-eye coordination.

They then wound a pipe cleaner around their fingers to resemble a pumpkin vine which worked on improving their fine motor skills.

Above are some pictures of the preschoolers working on those skills.

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