Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Unit Autumn/Harvest Continues: Playgroup Focuses on Farm Animals

This week, the main focus for the play group learners is focused around farm animals. Students will be reading farm stories, learning farm animal sounds, and counting crows and chickens.

The weekly colours they are focusing on are brown, white, red, and yellow and will continue to be reinforced in their arts and crafts this week. The weekly vocabulary consists of words centered around the farm animal theme that include chicken, hen, rooster, egg, and chicken. Below are the lessons being taught for each day of this week:

Autumn Term 2 Week 4 09

Next week, students will continue exploring the Autumn/Harvest theme learning the parts of the body through making their own scarecrows. The weekly colours are orange, green, and yellow and will be incorporated into each lesson and activity. The weekly vocabulary words will focus on body parts, straw, and scarecrow. Here is a photo of their completed scarecrows and below you will also see the lessons for next week.

Autumn Term 2 Week 5 09

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