Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Food and Nutrition

In playgroup, we have started a new unit on food and nutrition. Students have been learning about the food pyramid specifically about bread, pasta, fruits, and vegetables. In the classroom, we are working on a display board that has a picnic theme. It will also represent all of the playgroup children by highlighting each child holding a piece of fruit. In the collage above, it is just a few of the students photos that will be on display.

Students also made a pasta picture that incorporated learning the letter "C", the shape of a circle, and focused on their development of fine motor skills such as gluing and pasting. They then each received a blank food pyramid where they had to glue and stick different fruits, breads, vegetables, and meats on their pyramid as we discussed the shape of the fruit. They even could tell me that the food pyramid was a triangle which is our shape of the week. We have been focusing on the following vocabulary words such as bread, sandwich, flour, dough, pasta and triangle.

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